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Washington State Dairy Council

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Nourishing students is a top priority for our dairy farmers and the Washington State Dairy Council. We support school nutrition professionals in numerous ways in their efforts to feed youth and provide important nutrients through school meals.

As you know, milk is an integral part of the federal school meals programs because of its beneficial nutrient package. Many students fall short in meeting daily dairy recommendations and school meals are an opportunity to close that gap and help them meet their needs for calcium, vitamin D and other needed nutrients provided by milk. From mind to body, real milk is an important part of living well with 13 essential nutrients in every glass.



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Our Mission Statement

Inspire lifelong health and enjoyment of dairy through evidence-based nutrition education and leadership.

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Meet your Dairy Council nutrition team:

Debra French, RDN, CD
Executive Director
[email protected]


Brianne Cowan, RDN, CD
Director of Nutrition and Wellness
[email protected]


Tim Pierson, MS, RDN, CD
Nutrition Communications Manager
[email protected]

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