Farm to School

Caring for Cows & Nourishing Communities

Have you HERD? Discovery Education has partnered with National Dairy Council and America’s dairy farm families and importers to bring your 5th–8th grade classes behind-the-scenes of the dairy community! Learn about modern farming, dairy’s journey from farm to school, and the innovations that are helping care for cows and communities! Join us for a Virtual Field Trip, a 360º video experience and an interactive 360º hot spot image with accompanying activities and educator guides.


STEM Curriculum

Check out the NEW curriculum that teaches students how to create healthy, balanced meals while reducing food waste. Follow the lesson plans and watch the corresponding videos that bring to life how farmers across the nation are using innovation and technology to help protect the planet.

  • Learn ways dairy farmers are innovating toward a zero-carbon footprint future, culminating in a class project to inspire change in your community!
  • Examine how farmers and scientists are engaging in sustainable farming practices  to create energy and other renewable products.
  • Teach students what it means to compose healthy, balanced meals and how to reduce food waste in the process!
  • Explore real-world innovation in the dairy community plus teach students the magic and science behind fermentation.


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Virtual Field Trip

You’ll get a MOO perspective of what dairy farms are actually like with our virtual field trip. Download the companion activity to get your students prepared for the trip!

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Milk page in the Incr-edibles workbook


Washington is a rich agricultural state.

Explore how local foods get to your table, fresh from the farm, with the Incr-Edible mascots, representing 30 foods grown right here in Washington.

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Ever wonder where your favorite Washington dairy foods come from?

Join the herd as we explore the process dairy foods go through getting from Moo to You!


Follow along as dairy farmer Austin Allred explains the dairy sustainability cycle.


Looking for more fun? Discover more dairy facts at

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