Nutrients Help Me Grow - Kids Nutrition Illustration

Nutrients Help Me Grow

Double-sided, 9″x8″ | PDF includes both infographics


Nutrients Help Me Grow Infographic

Eating healthy foods is vital for the growth and development of our children. In this fun infographic, you’ll discover 13 essential nutrients, how they benefit our bodies, and examples of what foods to find them in. Read along with your kids and explore the colorful illustrations to help encourage healthy eating.


Colorful infographic of a food system cycle, from the farm to my table. From farm, to grocery store, to table, to recycling and composting, back to composting and feed at the farm.

Farm to Table Infographic 

It takes a team to get food from the farm to our table. Farmers care about the environment and providing nutritious foods. They help move nutrients through the food system from animals to people and back to the land to grow more food and continue the cycle. Learn about the food system cycle and how our food habits at home can help protect the environment. 


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