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Think Your Drink

Think Your Drink Beverage Cards

Use these cards to compare the nutritional value of beverages.

81 cards, 8.5″x5.5″

Think Your Drink Poster

Designed to teach all audiences about beverages available, their nutritional values, and how to compare and make decisions on what to buy and consume. 

Download Poster

1 full-color poster, 8.5″x11″

Think Your Drink Master

Use this master to compare the nutritional value of milk to other beverages.

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2 pages, 8.5″x11″

Sugar Cube Activity Sheet

1 sugar cube is equivalent to 4 grams of sugar or 1 teaspoon of sugar. 

This activity helps to visualize the amount of added sugar in common beverages. Guess the amount of added sugar in each beverage by placing sugar cubes in the boxes.

Answer Key:

1% Milk = 0 Sugar Cubes

Fat-Free Chocolate Milk = 3 Sugar Cubes

12 ounce Cola = 9 + 3/4 Sugar Cubes

6-ounce Juice Drink Pouch = 3 + 1/4 Sugar Cubes

6 ounce 100% Orange Juice = 0 Sugar Cubes

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1 page, 8.5″x11″

Differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foods according to Nutrition Facts labels with these Label Literacy lesson plans.

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