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Washington Sustainable Dairy Collaborative

The Washington Sustainable Dairy Collaborative was established to assist farmers in adopting on-farm techniques and tools that lessen their environmental footprint. By seeking economically viable solutions with proven positive environmental impact, we aim to strengthen both our farmers’ and the industry’s ability to be an environmental solution.

The Collaborative is made up of key industry partners who are dedicated to advancing dairy farming in the Northwest sustainably. Our objective is to share resources, rally support, and drive adoption of practices that enhance our local efforts and help us achieve our sustainability goals in alignment with industry targets of 30% reduction by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.



Collaborative Goals:

  • Secure external funding for on-farm practices, ensuring long-term economic viability.
  • Overcome obstacles to practice adoption by eliminating resource limitations.
  • Unify communication and establish a trusted source to boost understanding and adoption.
  • Decrease carbon intensity to meet customer needs, offering farmers diverse options.
  • Improve farmers’ financials by cutting costs and increasing revenue.



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