Cows are the Ultimate Upcyclers - Washington Dairy

Cows are the Ultimate Upcyclers

Leading the Way in Sustainable Dairy Farming and Food Waste Reduction

Located in Enumclaw, Washington, Krainick Dairy has done something special when it comes to sustainable farming. One of their innovative practices includes repurposing local byproducts ranging from spent grain at breweries across the Puget Sound area to surplus baked goods from bakeries. This unique approach has not only bolstered the health and productivity of their dairy herd but has also made a significant impact on reducing food waste in the region.

They’ve successfully converted these leftover byproducts into highly nutritious cow feed from materials that would typically find their way into landfills. This translates to preventing millions of pounds of byproducts from ending up as waste each year. In doing so, Krainick Dairy is not only advancing its own sustainability goals but also actively contributing to the broader environmental objectives of the Washington dairy community.

The role of the cows cannot be understated. With their extraordinary digestive capabilities, they efficiently convert materials unsuitable for human consumption into high-quality dairy products. By capitalizing on cows’ unique abilities as upcyclers, Krainick Dairy is producing exceptional dairy while leading the charge in fostering an eco-conscious, food waste-reducing future.

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