Whatcom This Whey and Choose Your Own Adventure

Whatcom This Whey and Choose Your Own Adventure

Whatcom This Whey
and Choose Your Own Adventure

Dairy Farm, Creamery, & Cheesemaking Tours

Saturday, June 11, 2022 | 10 AM – 4 PM


This event has ended. Please come back for next year’s activities! 

Get ready, Whatcom County! Make your whey over to learn about where your food comes from and how it’s made. Hop on a wagon tour at one of our family farms, where farmers will discuss farm practices such as soil management, wildlife habitat restoration and preservation, water protection and recycling, manure management and what the heck an anaerobic digester is.

Next, take a walking tour through a creamery to learn about how your favorite Washington cheese, chocolate milk, kefir, and other dairy products are made and the science and skill it takes to craft them. Meet some cute cows, enjoy delicious cheese and ice cream treats at one of our picnic spots, or bring your bikes and take a ride around the beautiful Whatcom countryside. We can’t wait to see you all out here, so don’t forget to mark your calendars!

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Whatcom this Whey farm tour event activities and highlights


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Prepare for your farm visit

What to wear/bring:

  • Farm-appropriate walking shoes – boots encouraged
  • Be prepared for the weather – rain boots/gear or sunscreen
  • Insulated cooler or bag for cheese, milk, or other purchased goodies


Remember that you’re visiting a farm with live animals, so don’t be surprised if it gets a little stinky sometimes!
Please be respectful guests and stay within designated tour areas. This is for the safety of you, our cows, and our farmers and employees. Thank you and have fun!

Whatcom this Whey farm tour event chocolate milk, soft ice cream cone, cheese wedge characters and dairy cow cheerfully walk along

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