Health Education Lesson Plans

Health Education Lesson Plans 7th–HS

Our new lesson plans teach students the importance of choosing healthy beverages for their growing bodies. Understanding Nutrition Facts Labels, weight management, and the economic impact of empty calories are all included in this two-part series. These lesson plans were created by Nichole D. Calkins, Ed.D. and work great in an in-person or virtual setting.



nutrition economics lesson plan title card

Nutrition Economics

Students will investigate beverage nutrient composition and analyze the cost-effectiveness of dairy products and non-dairy alternatives, and understand why dairy is recommended as a daily food group choice.

This lesson plan requires the Think Your Drink Beverage Cards and MyPlate Calorie Calculator.

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beverage choices for weight management lesson plan title card

Beverage Choices for Weight Management

Students will analyze the calorie and nutrient composition of various beverages to make decisions about healthy choices for weight management, and understand the relationship between calorie management and weight management.

This lesson plan requires the Think Your Drink Beverage Cards and MyPlate Calorie Calculator.

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Looking for more virtual teaching resources?

We’ve updated our Fuel Up Curriculum to provide more flexibility in virtual classroom settings. With fillable PDFs, students are able to complete worksheets and fill out charts, and they can explore their individual calorie needs with our new interactive online calorie calculator.

Check out our virtual dairy farm tour and utilize the turnkey virtual field trip lesson plan for middle school students. This lesson plan teaches students about dairy farming practices in Washington, including caring for cows and the planet.

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