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Cow Care: Animal Health

Healthy, happy cows = more milk.

The health of dairy cows is priority number one for all Washington dairy farmers. Healthy and successful farms depend on the health of all animals. For this reason, farmers employ many measures to make sure their herds are happy, comfortable, and above all, healthy. Veterinarians are regularly part of farm staff or visit the farm at least once per month.

To ensure optimum health, all dairy farms are expected to maintain an up to date Herd Health Plan developed in tandem with their veterinarian. Among the topics Washington dairy farmers include in their Herd Health Plan are newborn calf health and care, disease prevention and management, hoof health, udder health, etc. Dairy Farmers are also encouraged to participate in the national FARM program.

For more information about how farmers keep their cows healthy and happy, visit the resources below.

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