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Cow Care: Animal Health

At the heart of every dairy farm is a strong commitment to prioritizing the well-being and health of their cows.

Healthy cows are the foundation of successful farms, and Washington dairy farmers go to great lengths to make sure their herds are not just content but thriving. 

One of the key aspects of maintaining optimal cow health is the involvement of veterinarians. These skilled professionals are an integral part of the farm staff or make regular visits to the farms, typically at least once a month. Their expertise and guidance play a vital role in safeguarding the health of the cows. 

To further emphasize the importance of cow health, every farm is expected to have an up-to-date Herd Health Plan in place. These comprehensive plans are developed collaboratively with veterinarians, considering various aspects such as newborn calf health and care, disease prevention and management, hoof health, udder health, and more. By proactively addressing these key areas, dairy farmers strive to ensure cows’ well-being and minimize potential health issues. 

Washington dairy farmers are also encouraged to participate in the national FARM program. This program provides valuable resources and guidelines for maintaining high standards of animal care, including comprehensive protocols for cow health and welfare. 

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