The Dairy Farmers of Washington - Washington Dairy

The Dairy Farmers of Washington

Under new leadership, DFW continues evolving to meet the needs of the dairy community.

We are on a path to readjust our promotional organization into that of a new, bold and relevant voice for dairy in the PNW. We’re focused on finding inventive ways to share science-based information with younger shoppers and retailers in our biggest market. In two areas – choosing real dairy over alternative beverages and reintroducing Washington dairy farmers as the state’s environmental pioneers – we are using technology to tell the Washington dairy story and proactively protect our farmers’ reputations. As the second largest agricultural commodity in our state, it’s important for consumers to understand the contribution family-owned dairy farms make to Washington’s economy and our local communities. In addition, we’re turning our focus to global markets and partnering with more businesses to promote the amazing products made right here at home.


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