It’s June Dairy Month! - Washington Dairy

It’s June Dairy Month!

Washington dairy is a big deal.

Get the scoop on all the freshest dairy stories, fun facts and other interesting tidbits in this convenient downloadable file. Join in the fun and help us spread the word about how awesome Washington dairy really is.

Here’s a little sneak peak to get you pumped for June Dairy Month.

Bessie’s Maiden Voyage

Everyone is already talking about Bessie’s incredible journey through the Ballard Locks. Here are some highlights in case you missed it. If you want to see her in person in all her glory, you can catch her floating by Pike Place on July 14 and 15. What a way to celebrate fresh, local dairy!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Join us on July 28th at the South Lake Union Saturday market for the Hullabamoo Ice Cream Social! Enjoy local dairy treats from some of your favorite creameries including Snoqualmie Ice Cream, Full Tilt, and Bluebird Ice Cream.

Dairy farmer, Austin Allred, holds the worms that are part of his zero-waste system.

Sustainable Dairy

In the Evergreen state, we are no stranger to technology but did you know that farmers are using the latest technology to do everything in their power to protect the environment and care for their cows? Farmers all over Washington are using new, innovative technologies, like worms. You read that right, worms.

Austin Allred, owner of Royal Dairy in Royal City, WA, is using worms to help recycle water on his farm. He even won a national Sustainability Award for his efforts to turn his dairy into a zero-waste business.

Partnerships are being formed throughout communities in Washington to preserve our most precious resource: water. Take for example the partnership between the S’Klallam Tribe and dairy farmers Ben and Troy Smith of Maple Valley Farms.

Learn more about sustainable dairies here.

Healthy cows = more milk.

Farmers know happy, healthy cows make the best dairy products. Washington’s unique climate makes it a great place to be a dairy cow. Can you believe that cows can produce 6-7 gallons of milk each day? It’s true!

Brush up on your moo-ology here.

Did you know over 18,000 families rely on Washington dairy jobs?

Learn more about dairy’s impact on Washington’s economy here.

Delicious and nutritious: milk has it all.

Energy. Hydration. Protein. All the things you look for in your post workout. Choosing milk is the easy choice for refueling your body.

Check out these other great nutrition resources on the power of milk.

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