Dairy Ambassador & Dairy Women Grant - Washington Dairy

Dairy Ambassador & Dairy Women Grant

2022 Dairy Ambassador & Dairy Women Grant Application

Deadline: Please submit 30 days prior to project/event.

Dairy Farmers of Washington supports the Washington State Dairy Women and County Ambassador program through scholarships, training, grant funding, and other community events or programs. To request funding for a program/event, please complete this application and return it to [email protected].

An internal committee of Dairy Farmers of Washington staff and Dairy Women will award funds through a competitive review process and notify all applicants of their funding status. Priority is given to those Dairy Ambassador & Dairy Women projects/events. with large consumer participation and impact. 



Programs, activities, and events that build consumer trust in dairy, strengthen the dairy community, and increase dairy sales are eligible for funding.

**Dairy Farmers of Washington board members and their immediate family members are not eligible for funding **

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Project has strong industry support
  • Project builds consumer trust in dairy, strengthens the dairy community, and/or increases dairy sales
  • Project has clear, identifiable goals, and demonstrates tangible benefits to the dairy community
  • Project includes a complete and detailed budget
  • Results are shared with Dairy Farmers of Washington after project completion


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