Local Cheeses Debut at Costco Roadshow - Washington Dairy

Local Cheeses Debut at Costco Roadshow

Sampling Washington cheeses gets Costco customers excited about local dairy.

From beautiful scenery to local food that will excite your taste buds, Washington has a lot to offer, including some of the best artisan cheeses. Dairy farms across the state work to produce high-quality milk that is perfect for making amazing local cheese.

This fall, DFW partnered with all thirty Washington Costco stores to showcase local artisan cheeses and highlight the flavors from our great state. November 8-10, Costco customers were able to sample 5 different cheeses and learn more about the farms that craft them.

Patrick Bleck, Owner of Sherpa Foods, a broker for artisan cheese, realizes the importance of featuring local products in a store like Costco.

“Today’s consumer wants to buy local and they want a product they can get behind,” Patrick explained.  “Costco’s unprecedented commitment to an all Washington artisan cheese roadshow gave a lot of members an opportunity to taste a variety of some the state’s very best producers.”



The roadshow was a success and united cheese-lovers across the state. Check out your local Costco store to pick up some delicious local cheese.


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