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All About Milk

10,000 years in the making.

Human beings are believed to have started consuming cows milk about 10,000 years ago, following the domestication of cattle. Evidence of cow herding for food production purposes dates to at least 4,000 B.C. Little did our ancestors know that milk contained a powerhouse of nutrients. Milk has continued to be a valued food resource because it contains nutrients essential to the growth, maintenance and overall health of the human body.

Organic or grass fed, whole milk or fat free, what is the best choice for you?

Milk naturally contains a package of nutrients that no other food group can offer. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends the dairy group as a key source of nutrients all American need. Three servings a day of dairy does a body good and it is what adults should aim to consume.

Getting three servings a day should be a breeze with the various types of milk available at your local grocery store. From organic to grass fed and whole milk to fat free, what is the best choice for you? Here are couple resources to help you make your choice.

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