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Governor Proclaims June Dairy Month in Washington State

The Dairy Farmers of Washington (DFW) are busy during the most important month of the year.

June is Dairy Month and Governor Jay Inslee wants to be sure dairy is being celebrated throughout the state.

According to a proclamation signed by Governor Inslee, “dairy is essential for some of the most delicious food combinations imaginable including cereal and milk, mac and cheese, hot fudge and ice cream, and cheeseburgers.”

National Dairy Month began in 1937 as National Milk Month to promote all the benefits of drinking milk. In recent years, it has become a tradition that celebrates and promotes all dairy, from cheese and yogurt to ice cream.

Dairy products are packed with key nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, D, and B12 which make it one of nature’s most perfect foods.

Dairy, the second-largest agricultural commodity produced in Washington has an economic impact of more than $3.2 billion per year, which fuels jobs throughout the state and allows for a strong trade market.

More than 275,000 cows on over 380 family-run dairy farms call Washington home. The damp and mild climate allow cows to be comfortable year round which makes them some of the most productive in the nation.

Scott Kinney, DFW CEO thanks Governor Inslee for the support during June Dairy Month.

“Dairy farmers work 365 days a year to get milk to your local grocery store and even across the globe,” said Kinney. “And now more than ever before, farmers are producing more with less.”

“Innovative technology has allowed farmers to take better care of the land while giving their cows the utmost care. All this while producing one of the most delicious and nutritious local food products available. There is so much to celebrate – we could really use more than one month!”

To learn more about how Washington farmers care for the land, their cows and what they are doing in the community, watch the video below or continue to explore Join the dairy celebration through sharing photos and favorite dairy foods on social media by using the hashtag #wamilksplash.

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