Meet Your WA State Dairy Ambassador

Abigail Zurcher, a Basin City dairy farmer, will be representing Washington’s dairy community over the next year.

Growing up on my family’s 3rd generation dairy farm in Basin City, Washington, I developed a passion for the dairy community at a young age. On my family’s farm, we care for 1,200 cows and own 500 acres to grow corn and other crops to feed our cows. Being a dairy farmer is a challenging, but rewarding job; it takes an extraordinary person to produce one of the most natural and nutritious products; milk! From a young age, my dad always had my two sisters, and I help on the dairy. Between feeding calves and working with our 4-H and FFA projects, we learned the value of hard work and developed a passion for dairy which has given me a solid foundation to be an advocate for our community.

Being the daughter of a dairy farmer made my childhood special and different from everyone else’s. During grade school, I was known as the “dairy girl,” which made me stand out, and I always had a new story to tell my friends about something that happened on the farm. I will never forget walking into my 5th-grade classroom one afternoon and seeing the Washington State Dairy Ambassador.   She had come to my class to teach us all about dairy!  At that moment I knew I wanted to be a dairy ambassador.

After years of waiting, at the end of my junior year in high school, I was crowned as the county Mid-Columbia Dairy Ambassador for the year. This was a special year for me because I learned various skills like, public speaking which I still use today and made my passion grow stronger. I knew immediately at the beginning of my term that I wanted to run for the State Ambassador position. This past June my dream came true, and I was crowned the Washington State Dairy Ambassador, I could hardly breathe I was overwhelmed with excitement!

This amazing opportunity allows me to travel the state of Washington promoting dairy by speaking to schools and community groups about nutrition and attending fairs to present awards.  As State Ambassador, I also get to have a year-long internship with the Dairy Farmers of Washington. This internship will give me more opportunities to serve dairy farmers throughout the state and build my personal and professional skills. I’m most excited to learn about this amazing industry and work with great people that help make this industry thrive.

At the end of my Ambassador duties in June, I plan to attend the University of Idaho and major in Elementary Education. I am excited to have a career where I can teach young children, especially about agriculture and of course, the dairy community.


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